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The Evergreen Life DNA testing kits help you understand how your genes influence your Diet, Metabolism, Fitness, and Skin, and what steps you can take to get the best out of your genetics.

You take a sample at home using our simple kit, our lab extracts the DNA from your sample and analyses it, and your results, including personalised insights into your genes, are delivered to you via our free App.

Choose your test:
Find out how your genetics might influence your reaction to certain food and drink, if you carry a risk of vitamin deficiency, or if your cravings may be affecting your diet.
Caffeine consumption and metabolism
Alcohol flush reaction
Tendency to overeat
Sugar craving
Salt craving
Risk of lactose intolerance
Risk of vitamin deficiencies
Your metabolism controls how your body converts food to energy. Explore how your metabolism affects fat and carbohydrate break-down, or if it is likely to impact your weight.
Find out what exercise works for you. This test can help you understand whether you're best suited to strength or endurance exercise, how well you can build muscle, and if you're more at risk of injury.
Endurance exercise performance
Strength exercise performance
Exercise recovery
Joint function
Muscle strength
Skin Care
Understand more about your skin, including its sensitivity to ageing, UV light, and pollution. Find out about its natural moisture and elasticity, or likelihood of developing stretch marks and cellulite.
Skin ageing
Skin elasticity
Skin moisture
UV sensitivity
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